Anonymous sent:

You're so cool. You're pnat art excites me

WOW somehow i didnt get any notifications of new messages in my inbox?? sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much!! here have a quick doodle of ~miss violence~

Anonymous sent:

u should totally draw dorathy in her singing outfit from big-o :V




sassyartfarts sent:

You're freaking fabulous and I love you.

Anonymous sent:

hello um (clears throat) can you please draw some spender/forge it would make my week


Anonymous sent:

Spender angst? All bloody and hurt and such. Please?

spender?? angst???

free icon art for a bro who’s my most loyal commissioner B)

greensunzenith sent:

I just wanna say, I adore your art style. It's so sharp and colorful and dynamic!

ahh thank you!!! your words made my day :’)