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Hey hey! I just saw your post about the urban legends in Singapore, loving the art so much. And also thanks for including a link for the legends that are mentioned! Again, creepy and great art, thanks for sharing! ^^

glad to know that, thank you very much!! i should’ve added a link to the descriptions back when i made the post but oh well

im still quite pleased with it, its my favourite project i’ve done for school so far c:

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Can we hear about n o and p urban legends?

okay i decided to create a pastebin and publish my notes of each of the urban legends i have gathered about singapore, more so for everyone’s convenience and easy access to all the stories.

the link is over [here]! i have also edited my original Urban Legends photoset post to include the pastebin link as well.

happy reading!

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Uhm can I hear more about buried boy, yellow tower women, ex-wife and son amd uniform girl pls?

SURE and since there’s a bunch of them you’ve asked about, i will put this under a cut so it doesnt clog up your dashes!

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Requesting more Forge/Spender makeouts


terrible kisser